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24th July 2009

Subject: Chambrey Brabazon, died 1691

Reply by Jan Barnes

The 5th Earl married Juliana Chaworth in St Michael Bassinshaw, London in 1682 (Boyd's Marriage Index). Mary was the eldest child being born and christened on the same day either 13 or 15 March 1683 (modern dating) in Dublin. She was baptised at St Katherine's Church at 11 a.m. The others followed in quick succession, Juliana, christened 3 September 1684 Leominster, Catherine 12 February 1685 (must be old dating) Leominster, Chaworth 9 April 1687 Leominster, Frances 21 April 1688 Leominster and Edward 24 November 1691.

I have Chambrey on my tree but only have his burial 7 December 1691, St Mary's Nottingham, so don't know where he fits, but there is a bigger gap between the last two.

Lady Mary died unmarried on 1 or 2 January 1738. 'Last Sunday se'nnight died at her Lodgings in Nottingham, the Lady Mary Brabazon, eldest Sister to the Right Hon. the Earl of Meath, of the Kingdom of Ireland:; and on Friday Night last her corpse was interr'd.' (Evening post 10 January 1738). She couldn't have married Rev William Tidall, She was a spinster at death and too old.

22nd July 2009
Peter Hoare
Subject: Chambrey Brabazon, died 1691

I have been investigating Lady Mary Brabazon (d. January 1737/38), daughter of the 5th earl of Meath, who as you know has a memorial in St Mary's Church in Nottingham (jpeg attached). Her grandmother Mary Chambré was a member of my wife's family, which has added interest to my researches. The Brabazon Archive website has been very useful, not least the recent posting by Jan Barnes about the possible marriage of Lady Mary to Rev. William Tisdall - this seems to be something unlikely to be firmly resolved.

However, I am really writing to ask whether anyone has remarked on the memorial, also in St Mary's Nottingham, to "Chambrey, son of Chambrey Brabazon Esq." who was buried on 7 December 1691. It seems very likely that he was an otherwise unrecorded son of Chambré Brabazon, who did not succeed as 5th earl of Meath until 1708 (his wife Juliana died in Octrober 1692, perhaps soon after the birth of her son Edward. This mysterious "Chambrey" might even have been an eldest son, preceding Chaworth who eventually succeeded as 6th earl.

Any further information will be gratefully received.

Peter Hoare

27th May 2009
G.T. Bishop <>

From G.T. Bishop <>
I don't know if you'd be interested in this or not, but there are two letters, 1868 Middletown, CT and 1862 Hartford, CT written by Robert Brabazon that are for auction on For more details and a photo see:

Anyway, good luck with your genealogy, G.T. Bishop
P.S. If you prefer not to click on links in email messages, you can go to ebay's main web site, and at the top, copy and paste into the search field the listing number 310143843439 130308058310

7th Sept.2008 Jan Barnes
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31st July 2008 From the editor:
I have just discovered a new website dealing with the estates and landed families of connacht through the 18th and 19th centuries. May be of interest to some of our readers. There is a bit on the Brabazons of Ballinasloe/Swinford. Website address:

9th July 2008 Jan Barnes
From the Editor: Our chief family researcher, Jan Barnes, has come across records for a Christopher Brabazon and a Robert Brabazon related to Sir William Brabazon, sent to Ireland by Henry VIII in the 1530s. They could possibly be Sir William's siblings. The importance of these finds cannot be underestimated. Rather than the common ancestor being Sir William, it may well push it back a generation, or more. The mismatches we have had with the DNA results could, likewise, be traced further back. Another possibility is that they are illegitimate children - both scenarios begging the question of just how many unrecorded Brabazon lineages there are. Also, the discovery may add more weight to the belief that the Brabazons had interests in Ireland before Sir William's 'arrival'.
23/6/2008 - Notes by Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

Back home again in Brisbane, I am relieved that the lengthy preparations and complex planning for my visit to Central Western Queensland to advance the Brabazon Family Archival Project, turned out so satisfactorily - thanks to the support of many old and new friends.
During two days in Longreach I revisited the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and the QANTAS Founders' Outback Museum.Both are impressive historical establishments, well supported by locals and tourists. It was rewarding to speak with curators for both organizations. I keep reminding them that both my Grandfather C J A Brabazon (and my Great-grandfather McMillan) were widely known and respected in the Longreach - Winton region and that they, and their families, contributed very significantly to the development of the region, including the internationally known airline: QANTAS.
Then I drove 100 miles to Winton and settled into the Waltzing Matilda Centre. With the permission and willing assistance of the Centre staff, I laboured in its Museum Library where the Brabazon Family Archive (four drawer) Cabinet is located. I needed lots of time to add the additional material which I had brought with me (in an extra suitcase weighing 27kgs) and to thoroughly index and label. All missions accomplished and I am already collecting more material to be taken to Winton in April 2009!

24/5/2008 Brendan Lynch

You may be interested to know that I mentioned T C Moore Brabazon in two earlier well-reviewed books - and also in one awaiting publication (on Alcock and Brown's 1919 Atlantic flight).
GREEN DUST, Ireland's Unique Motor Racing History is out of print. But I still have copies of TRIUMPH OF THE RED DEVIL, The 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup. This was Britain's first motor race, which took place in Ireland. Book also features a photo of Charles Rolls and TCMB in action. He was a remarkable man!
I'm enclosing some reviews re the Gordon Bennett Race book, Triumph of the Red Devil, which includes a photo of T C Moore Brabazon in full flight with Charles Rolls - in a car, that is, not - as later - in the air.

DRIVE: "Quite simply, one of best books ever written about motorsport."
MOTORSPORT: "A fine example of pacy story-telling."
CLASSICS: "Book of the Month!"
SIR STIRLING MOSS: "In this Boy's Own chronicle of skill, drama, chivalry and inspirational sportsmanship, Brendan Lynch brings us into the heart of that distant day's epic struggle."

Brendan Lynch

21/1/2008 Shauna An interesting newsreel on the Brabazon plane [View]
20/1/2008 Finola Finlay' An interesting article on the work of Prof Tara Brabazon [Tara's Page] can be found on this site [link]."
    Just disovered by a family member is the following online archive with numerous Brabazon references: "Enhanced British Pariamentary Papers on Ireland, 1801 - 1922"