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Jan Barnes

Subject: Chambrey Brabazon, died 1691 - Reply by Jan Barnes

24 July 2009

Peter Hoare Subject: Chambrey Brabazon, died 1691 22 July 2009
G.T. Bishop Auction on 27 May 2009
Brendan Lynch Lord Brabazon and many fellow-pioneers feature in a new book
22 Feb 2008
Betty Chapman Family Reunion 2009
12 Sept 2008
Jan Barnes New features added to Irish Genealogical Online Record Search System 7 Sept 2008
The editor The Brabazons of Ballinasloe/Swinford. Website
31st July 2008
Jan Barnes Our chief family researcher, Jan Barnes, has come across records for a Christopher Brabazon and a Robert Brabazon related to Sir William Brabazon, sent to Ireland by Henry VIII in the 1530s.
9th July 2008
Paul O'Brollaghain More research by Paul O'Brollaghain
2 July 2008
Notes by Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)
23rd June 2008
Brendan Lynch

T C Moore Brabazon
23nd May 2008
Michael Brabazon
Revised Page Index
22nd May 2008
Michael Brabazon
8th May 2008
Keith Ridge Descendants of Robert Brabazon and Rebecca Jessop
30th April 2008
Karen Cary The Brabazon Family" by Agnes Emily Clement
27th April 2008
Betty and Sarah Chapman Family Reunion 2009
5th April 2008
Michael Brabazon Termonfeckin graveyard' and 'The Jenney Gable, Termonfeckin graveyard'
26 Feb .2008
Chris Brabazon The long lost "Brabazon" family members
26 Feb .2008
Paul O'Brollaghain Joseph Brabazon - New page layout
15th Feb .2008
Michael Brabazon
Just disovered by a family member is the following online archive with numerous Brabazon references:
14th Feb .2008
View Site
Ritchie Brabazons Ritchie Brabazons seeks the origins of his families name.
"It appears very likely that this branch is descended from Patrick Brabazon. Research is on-going."

5th Feb .2008
Shauna An interesting newsreel on the Brabazon plane
21 Jan.2008
Finola Finlay An interesting article on the work of Prof. Tara Brabazon
20 Jan.2008
Bill Brabazon Dr. Bill Brabazon's Speech - Reunion 2007
19 Jan.2008
Michael Brabazon Descendants of Mary Brabazon and Rev William Tisdall
Dublin parish registers (6 Jan 2008).
12 Jan.2008
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevil The Brabazon Reunion 1993 - New Group Photograph
12 Jan.2008
Barbara & Bobbie Mills Ines Haydee Quercetti - Brabazons of South America
8 Jan.
Michael Brabazon The registers of S. Catherine, Dublin, 1636-1715
6 Jan.
Chris Brabazon The Brabazon Family of Florida
6 Jan.
Paul O'Brollaghain The O'Brolohans. 1053 - 1219. Bishops and Abbots. Research by Paul O'Brollaghain
19th Dec.
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevil Ann sends her final family newsletter
15th Dec.
Paul O'Brollaghain Pedigree of the Ua Brolchains
15th Dec.
Chris Brabazon The Brabazon Bomber (New Photograph)
5th Dec,
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill More Cruise Photographs
1st December
Chris Brabazon The Brabazon Reunion Cruise
NOV 2007
Chris Brabazon Registered marriages from Ireland - 1846 to 1884
NOV 2007
Paul O'Brollaghain Joseph Brabazon - More research from Paul
NOV 2007
Michael Brabazon Our public office team provides inspection facilities for members of the public to view all current and archive rating records and maps
NOV 2007
Michael Brabazon New Index to Pages NOV 2007
Paul O'Brollaghain Irish Strays born in Ireland
OCT 2007
Dr Tara Brabazon Article by Dr Tara Brabazon
OCT 2007
Paul O'Brollaghain Research in the records of Catholic parishes in Ireland.
OCT 2007
Michael Brabason Names Almost The Same
Sept 2007
Michael Moore A voice from the colonies
Sept 2007
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill Newsletters 60 (September 2007)
Sept 2007
Michael Brabazon The Irish Times Online Sept 2007
Jan Barnes Research on Westmeath Brabazons Sept 2007
The Editor Planxty George Brabazon (Audio) Aug 2007
Jan Barnes Family History Research Sites Aug 2007
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill Newsletters 59 (August 2007) Aug 2007
Paul O'Brollaghain Family history research in the National Library (Link) Aug 2007
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill Newsletters 57 and 58
Aug 2007
Notice Board 50 James Jacques Ellis the son of Rev. Arthur Ellis and his wife Jane Brabazon. Would you have information about what happened to him after his arrival in Melbourne in 1842. March.2007
John Curry Photograph of the Mansion House in 1978 by John Curry whose grandparents last lived in a house in Newpark. The property was razed only a few years later. Jan.2007
W Alister Williams Can you help? Notice board 49 (Group Captain Lionel Wilmot Brabazon Rees, VC, OBE, MC, AFC (1884-1955) Jan.2007
Jan Barnes Wallop BRABAZON, of Eaton Grange, Hereford, born cir 1581, died abt. 1642 Jan.2007
Jan Barnes Mary Brabazon daughter of Chambre 5th Earl of Meath Jan.2007
Jan Barnes Some additions to the Ballinasloe records. Jan.2007
Notice Board 48 From Carole Grenfell Re-Roberta May Brabazon Dyson Nov. 2006
Notice Board 47 Rebecca Leighton - Searching for relatives, can you help? Aug. 2006
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill Newsletters 55 July. 2006
Louise Jacobson Additions to Dr. Bill's Family Tree July. 2006
Kevin Brabazon Updates to the Hon. John Brabazon July. 2006
Nichole Morris (Canada) Looking for help May. 2006
Notice Board 46 James Brabazon - BAFTA Nominations May. 2006
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill Newsletters 53 & 54 May. 2006
Chris Brabazon Sr -
"Brabazon Family Reunion 2007" April. 2006
Notice Board 45
Mel Golder (nee Leese) - John Percy Ridge April. 2006
Notice Board 44
Nicole (Phillips) Morris - Looking for Gibson-Brabazons. April. 2006
Notice Board 43
Simon Shreeve - Re. Terance Anthony Chaworth Brabazon April. 2006
Jan Barnes
The Brabazon of Beagh Roscommon Feb. 2006
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill
Newsletter 52 - January 2006 Feb. 2006
Notice Board 42 Subject: Genealogy Resource - ( BMD Certificates.) Feb. 2006
Notice Board 41 Christopher Michael Brabazon Sr. (U.S.A.) Can you help? Jan. 2006
Notice Board 40 Mr A. D. Brabazon (Obituary) Jan. 2006
Notice Board 39
(Suzanne Garstin Roswell)
Subject: More on Jenney Brabazon Dec. 2005
Notice Board 38
(Jan Barnes)
Subject: Jenney Brabazon Colthurst tree.
Nov.. 2005
Notice Board 37
Subject: In response to Notice Board #34.
Oct. 2005
Notice Board 36
(Bernard )Francis Brabazon - John and Jeanette Isaacs-Young
Oct. 2005
Notice Board 35
Found on the net. A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis
Oct. 2005
Notice Board 34
Ponsonby - Brabazon. Whats in a Name? (Jan Barnes)
Oct. 2005
Notice Board 33
Re Message board No. 22 about Brabazon Brabazon (Jan Barnes)
Oct.. 2005
Notice Board 32
Aug. 2005
Notice Board 31
Maybe a possible explanation for some Brabazon lineages?
Aug. 2005
The Gibson-Brabazon Family
Any information relating to this branch of the family would be appreciated (Editor)
Aug. 2005
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill
Late July 2005 - from Ann Shevill regarding Issue No 48 of the BHP BULLETIN. It is possible that some family members who are on the distribution list for the Brabazon Family Project Bulletins did not receive the recent Issue no 48. If you missed out please let me know
July 2005
Mary O Dubhain
Notice Board 30
Seeking help! (Re. Capt Lambert Brabazon RN)
July 2005
From the Editor Philip Emanuel Brabazon - Captain Luke Brabazon - Info found on the net
July 2005
Mima Huggins nee Brabazon Notice Board 29
I am trying to trace some relatives. My father, William John Brabazon and his twin sister Winifred Mary Brabazon were born in a nursing home in Croydon on 21st April 1930. Can you help?
July 2005
Jan Barnes
Notice Board 28

Sir Roger le Brabazon ‘Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2004’
July 2005
Camilla Allison
Notice Board 27
Brabazon of Rath tomb in Termonfeckin churchyard - Can you help?
May 2005
James Brabazon
My Friend the Mercenary
March 2005
M.Ann Brabazon-Shevill
BHP Bulletin - March 2005
March 2005
Richard Borthwick Comments on the Jan Barnes article
18 Feb 2005
Lucy Gleeson.
Notice Board 26
Information required re Lucy Eithne Brabazon
10 Feb 2005